Fernando Buide del Real

Fernando Buide has stablished himself as an active composer and performer. He has recently been composer in residence at the Royal Academy of Spain at Roma as well as receiving his doctoral degree from Yale University.

Upcoming events

August 20, 2024

World premiere (title TBD)

Kursaal Auditorium, San Sebastián, Spain

Commissioned by Quincena Musical Donostiarra

Abraham Cupeiro

Musica Practica ensamble

March 28, 2025

Cántico (world premiere)

Palacio de la Ópera, A Coruña, Spain

Work commissioned by Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia

Raquel Lojendio, soprano

OSG Choir; Javier Fajardo, choir master

Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia

José Trigueros, conductor